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The Meteorological Services Department's vision is that world-class meteorological, climatologically and seismological products and services are timely, affordable, easily accessible and understood by all anytime and anywhere within and outside Zimbabwe.

As the National Designated Authority on meteorology, climate and seismology, we contribute to the protection of life and property and science-based informed socio-economic decision-making by providing customer and stakeholder-driven quality meteorological, climatological and seismological products and services.

Harare Bulawayo Gweru Mutare Kwekwe

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Kadoma Masvingo Kariba Hwange Victoria Falls

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Beitbridge Gokwe  Buffalo Range  Mt Darwin  Karoi

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Temperatures in Degres Celcius (Min/Max)  


EL Nino defined in a video (Courtesy of World Meteorological Organisation Youtube Channel )

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Media Briefing Workshop

The MSD held a media briefing in Harare on the 18th of November 2015 in which the Department gave an update of the Seasonal Forecast and the Week’s Weather Forecast. The briefing was also a platform for the Department to inform the public on the achievements made in the Numerical Weather Predictions Project as well as modern tools of communication the Department is using for example the newly implemented Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) application. The Department said the country is set to experience the worst El nino in 18 years, extreme weather conditions such as drought, soaring temperatures, strong winds, flash flooding over a short period and hail storms are likely to be experienced due to effects of El nino. El nino, a phenomenon caused by Pacific Ocean warming is wrecking havoc across the East and Southern African region. There is a 90 percent probability of below normal rains and extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat, strong winds, flash floods and hail storms. The El nino currently being experienced is severe and the worst in 18 years. "The last time such an El nino was experienced in 1997 and this is severe and not only affecting Zimbabwe but the rest of Africa and other parts of the world. 

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Droughts, Floods to Affect Millions of Africans as Devastating El Nino Surfaces

Panelist Stressing a Point

Some Zimbabweans attended a climate change conference in Harare Thursday amid reports by UNICEF that 11 million children in eastern and southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, are facing hunger due one of the strongest El Nino weather phenomenon in decades. Journalists, civic society representatives, politicians, state officials and other stakeholders exchanged ideas on how to handle climate change and the impact of the current El Nino weather pattern, which will continue in 2016. In a statement, UNICEF said the El Nino will cause droughts and floods resulting in untold suffering among children who will be vulnerable to diseases like malaria, diarrhea, cholera and dengue fever.

Scientists say El Nino is caused by the warming of the Pacific Ocean and not climate change though there are some who believe that this weather condition may be intensifying due to global warming. Some politicians in developed nations like America dispute such school of thought saying climate change is a natural phenomenon and not largely driven by human beings. International focus on climate change is being largely driven by the Conference of Parties (COP), comprising 191 nations, which sets targets and champions the implementation of strategies for controlling global warming. This year’s conference on climate change organized by COP will be held in Paris, France. 


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